With grassroots flair and plenty of ingenuity, INGroup Creative generates buzz about your business. Our boutique agency is comprised of savvy community and public relations professionals who specialize IN the food, beverage and lifestyle arena.  With a combined 50 years of INdustry experience, we haven’t just seen trends, we’ve created them. Cooking up creative campaigns that leverage new and traditional media techniques to increase your brand awareness and better position your business is our passion. Telling your story is our profession. We do this by listening to our clients needs, taking the time to understand their culture and integrating it with what we know works best - authentic messaging and unforgettable experiences. Whether you are launching a new business or reinvigorating an existing one, INGroup Creative is here to support your #prgoals. INGroup Creative can be found online at or over email at 


Developing creative content to tell your story while increasing and maintaining brand exposure is essential to every business. Our team will help you develop campaigns to keep you engaged with new and existing customers.


  • Cross-Current Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

  • Strategy and Content Development

  • Blogger and Influencer Coordination

  • Contests, Giveaways and Sweepstakes

  • Follower Engagement 



Your image is paramount to the success of your business. We will develop strong, consistent messaging to reinforce the brand while coupling your messaging with planned public relations campaigns and consistent media coverage.


  • Media Relations 

  • Story Development

  • Interview Coordination

  • Press Release and Press Kit development

  • Media Training

  • Publicity Events

  • Community Integration



Before your business is ready to shine its public light to the world, sometimes you need to rejigger your recipe for success and refocus your strategic lense. A little bit of business to business can go a long way in making sure you hit the mark in securing your position in the public eye.

  • Define your Goals

  • Understanding your Competitive Marketplace

  • Assess your Target Audience

  • Create a Road-Map for Success 



Our goal is to ensure that your business strategy aligns with how you do business.  We help you and your team effectively maintain and market your brand through grassroots marketing strategies. This includes:


  • Brand Partnerships

  • Cross-Promotions

  • Out-of-the-Box Ideas

  • Engagement Drivers


We believe in the power of community. Putting a product and/or service into the public requires influence, suggestion, and interest. Our team will work to develop valuable relationships with the surrounding community to enhance the overall customer experience. We offer both micro and macro relationship building through our established social reach and our tangible, long-standing knowledge of the areas civic and cultural history.  We have connections so let’s start the match-making. 


  • Managing Community Relationships

  • Introducing Visibility and Recognition 

  • Corporate Responsibility and Service Initiatives



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