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With Two sides to us -- One hand simply Feeds the Other.


Our Agency, INGroup Creative, works to creatively position your business in an often overcrowded marketplace. With a grassroots flair and plenty of ingenuity, we will generate buzz in the media and the public about your brand or service. We are veterans in food, beverage, restaurant and lifestyle brands. Our experienced team will work to grow a loyal following of your brand through influencer outreach, strategically planned public relations practices and strategies, combined with marketing and social media techniques. 


If you love to dine out and want to know where to go or simply want to know who serves the best version of your favorite dish, then pull up a chair to our communal table and JOIN IN the foodie conversation with 

Eat IN Connecticut.  This community group brings foodies and restaurant insiders together to dish about what's great across the state. Eat IN Connecticut also produces food and drink events for the community, so go ahead and take a bite by joining the conversation on FB and be sure to follow us on IG @eatinconnecticut to feed your mind and belly with some of the best #foodpornogrphy around.

For collabs, email us at info@eatin-ct.com. 



Or Influencer Collaborations.  We Do Both.




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We have got plenty to share! With over 30 plus years experience, our team is ready for any adventure!



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How we do what we do... The INGroup Creative Team!

We took our passion and dug into our professional backgrounds to create a marketing group that helps others promote their brands.  Our team has over 30 years of professional experience!



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